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Brand new pond, waterfall, bridge, slab stone patio and steps

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A Fresh Clean Pond

Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

Dreaming of Paradise

If you could have paradise in your own backyard, what would it look like?  It may sound funny to associate visions of paradise with your backyard, but it’s entirely possible as long as we can define your paradise correctly.  Once we do that; we will be well on our way.

If you are in the market for your very own piece of paradise then it all needs to start with a dream, your dream.  As designers, landscapers and artists, we can help guide you along the right path with your dream, but if you want a truly personal, just for you backyard paradise, then you need to start looking, noticing and dreaming.  The easiest way for people to develop the necessary concepts for their dreams is to start to notice the many things around them.  Your dream may include bits and pieces from many different things that you’ve seen or experienced in your life.  Maybe you haven’t even seen enough yet to complete your dream.  Maybe you need to do a little research, look at some pictures, visit some new places, tour some gardens, explore a bit of nature or take a vacation.  We are never sure what it will take to create your own special dream.  Creating this paradise isn’t like buying a car; it’s more like creating a painting, a piece of art just for you.  You need to tell us enough about what you like and dislike, to guide us in the right direction.  You don’t need to know how it all works, or how it all fits together, you just need to know your own likes and dislikes.  Start taking pictures of things that you like, start downloading things from the internet, tearing pages out of magazines, whatever it takes to collect the general feel of how you envision your dream.  We don’t need a big picture of the perfect landscape; we’ll make that for you when we begin to apply our art to your property.  We just need enough bits and pieces so that we know the basics of what you are looking for.  People can be very passionate about their living space, so we try hard to manipulate this space in just the right way to create the yard of their dreams.

Along with the dreams, there are a lot of practical real world matters that we must address before embarking on our journey.  Questions such as; how will you use this space that we will create?  Do you entertain a lot?  Do you have a large family?  Do you have pets?  How much are you prepared to spend on this project?  How much yard work will you do or will you be willing to hire done?  How large is your property?  What are the specific site conditions of your property? How long do you plan to stay at this property?  Are certain views and sight lines important to this property?  How are the rooms in your house laid out in relation to the outdoor living space?  All of these things need to be considered to creatively design a landscape that will be well suited to your needs.

There are many more questions that may come up during the design process; we never really know them all until we are in the thick of it.  I don’t mean to overwhelm you, if you just want a standard landscape design, that’s easy.  We can simply visit your yard and lay it out.  If you want us to just dream up our perfect paradise for your yard we can do that also, with very little input from you.  But, if you want your property to fit you like your favorite easy chair, if you want to have a custom landscape experience that allows your vision of paradise to shine through, then it’s going to take a bit of dreaming on both of our parts.

We are a full service landscape construction company specializing in water garden construction.  We are a member of the nationally recognized Certified Aquascape Contractors and we hold ourselves to the highest quality and artistic standards possible.  We always strive for complete customer satisfaction.  We are in this business to stay.  “Ponds are our Passion”, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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