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Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

Dreams of Spring

Here in Wisconsin we have the opportunity to experience all of the seasons in their full glory.  From the balmy days of summer to the frigid nights of winter, we get it all.  It seems that by the time we grow tired of one season and the weather that it brings, we are starting a new season with all of the wonderful changes.  This time of year, around mid February, my thoughts always turn toward spring.  I can’t help but sit in my office and dream of the great melt down that is about to occur and all of the new life that it will bring.  Winter holds its charms for the skiers, snowmobilers, sledders, ice fishermen and snowman builders of the world, but in my mind, nothing brightens our outlook on the world quite like the spring awakening.  When the warm spring breezes start to blow in all of the scents and sounds of the ensuing summer, I can’t help but feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Almost like bears coming out of hibernation, people start to head out into their yards in search of clues to what the summer will bring.  The first little shoots of the plants as they break ground looking for the warming sun, the spring flower bulbs that are just starting to peak through and all of the insects and animals that are scurrying around in search of food after a long winter.  All of these things together brighten each day bringing us closer and closer to the joys of summer.

Some of us have a little more to look forward to than others as spring and summer approach.  Some of us can picture sparkling water racing down our streams and waterfalls for the first time in spring.  We can picture our fishy friends coming out of their winter slumber and swimming to the surface looking for bits of food to eat.  We can picture the water lilies blooming and the frogs sunning themselves on the rocks.  These people who I speak of are those of us who are lucky enough to have a water garden in our yards.  Spring has always been a special time of the year for me, but ever since the year that I installed the water garden in my yard spring has been extra special.  Now, when I am inside on these cold winter days, I envision my water garden in full bloom with fish and frogs darting through the water and birds happily playing in the stream.  I always envision this, because my pond is the centerpiece of my landscape.  There is no other aspect of my yard that holds the vibrant, beauty and movement of life like my water garden.  If I sit back in my chair and close my eyes, I can see the sparkle of the moving water, the colorful Koi and goldfish swimming among the blooming water lilies and periodically touching the surface in search of food, the turtle as it cautiously floats to the surface and holds its head above water for a breath of fresh air.  I can see all of these things as clear as day, but it doesn’t end there, I can hear the dragonfly buzzing near the water’s surface, the water gurgling and bubbling as it races over the rocks and cascades down into my pond, the songbirds singing and chirping as they enjoy life along the stream and the frogs calling back and forth on those first spring nights.  I can even smell the clean moist air that carries the scent of the flowery blooms.  I can picture all of these things so vividly in my mind’s eye because I have the joy of owning my own little piece of natural paradise right in my yard.  I have a naturally balanced ecosystem pond and I love it.  There are no chemicals involved here, so I don’t have to worry as the children splash around looking for frogs, or as the song birds line up and take turns drinking from and bathing in the stream.  I don’t have to worry as the dog takes his tenth drink of water for the day right out of the pond.  This is all safe and natural beauty.  I am not concerned of maintenance and water testing, my pond is managed by mother nature.  Sure, mother nature is not always perfect, but she always comes around with time.  A healthy dose of patience is all that you need once your pond is established.  I look forward to the hot summer day cookouts near the pond and the cool summer nights spent pond side with my wife just relaxing and pondering life for a few moments.  I anticipate the soothing, relaxing sights and sounds that are there to greet me every time that I get a chance to sit near the pond.  I can hear the excited chatter and laughter of my sons as they explore the stream and pond in search of the ever elusive frogs.  I already have a mental list of some of the little improvements that I am planning for my water garden landscape.  I think that I will thin out some of the reeds, plant a tropical water-lily to add some unexpected new color to the pond and I will add some floating water lettuce and water hyacinth to the pond so that I can watch it slowly float on the surface and multiply as the summer goes on.  Speaking of multiplying, I wonder how many fish and frogs I will have in my pond this year.  Every year new little baby fish and frogs that add even more beauty and life to my pond seem to come out of nowhere.  We get to watch them grow and watch their colors become brighter and brighter as they age.  Where better can you teach your children about the circle of life than at pond side?  I can picture all of this from my office chair because I have the opportunity to experience it so much over the summer and it has such an effect on my psyche that I can picture it more clearly that any other aspect of my yard.  Sure, I have bushes, trees, flower beds, a patio, landscape lighting and the works, but none of these other features inspire me the way that my water garden does.

So, as the cold of February gives way to the warmer days of March and the Fresh scents of April, I can already picture my summer near the ponds edge, enjoying life to the fullest.  I can already feel the enjoyment and pleasure that I will get from my yard.  In some ways it calms me but in others it puts me on the edge of my seat with anticipation for the months ahead.  What do you picture when you sit back in your chair and dream of summer?  If you picture lawn mowing, fertilizing and picking weeds, then you need a little back yard pick me up.  Do yourself a favor and install one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces in your backyard.  Not only will it thrill and please over the summer months, but it will also improve your winter time dreams considerably.  Happy pondering and keep on dreaming.

We are a full service landscape construction company specializing in water garden construction.  We are a member of the nationally recognized Certified Aquascape Contractors and we hold ourselves to the highest quality and artistic standards possible.  We always strive for complete customer satisfaction.  We are in this business to stay.  “Ponds are our Passion”, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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