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A Fresh Clean Pond

Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

Bring a Natural Beauty to Your Yard.

Do you genuinely long for a naturally beautiful backyard, a backyard that is a showplace and a natural habitat at the same time?  A yard where your family and friends are awestruck every time they visit?  Just imagine getting up each morning and seeing a variety of different wildlife in your own backyard. Wouldn’t that be a great way to start off your day?  How about coming home, soaking your feet in the cool running water and just letting yourself relax to the sounds of the gently flowing stream and the many songbirds that frequent it.  If this sounds inviting to you, then let me tell you about a little known landscape enhancement that can make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. This enhancement that I am talking about is called a “water garden.”

If you’ve never seen a water garden before please don’t presume that you know what I am talking about. I am not talking about one of those pea-green, bowl-shaped cesspools that attracts mosquitoes and geese.  No, I am talking about a living ecological entity, a sparkling, clear, freshwater pond with fish, turtles, tadpoles, frogs, blooming flowers, a babbling brook and a magnificent rushing waterfall. These ponds are alive, overflowing with life, and they take very little time to maintain. You don’t even have to feed the fish! But, you’ll love doing so.

Hurth Waterscapes has been filling backyards with naturally beautiful water gardens and landscapes for years now.  A naturally balanced eco-system pond is the perfect remedy for customers who want relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are not just landscaping, we’re introducing people to the water garden lifestyle.  The installation of a pond and waterfall is the single most effective way to add the “WOW” factor to your yard.  Trees, shrubs, patios and flowerbeds are all very nice landscape enhancements, but nothing will have the same impact on your yard as a water garden.  We are changing the way that people live in and enjoy their outdoor living space.  People love water gardens because they are soothing, tranquil, relaxing and they attract various types of wildlife. In this day and age of computers, cell phones, faxes and other technological distractions, it is very soothing to have a place to get away from everyday life and just relax. Remember, you don’t need to travel to find this personal utopia, pond owners can just walk into their own yard for the relaxation to begin.

A properly constructed water garden should be very low maintenance.  The home owner’s responsibilities will entail; occasionally emptying the skimmer net (depending on how much debris is entering the pond), cleaning the skimmer filter (two or three times over the summer) and adding dry bacteria (especially in spring) to help get the pond into balance.  Hurth Waterscapes offers a wealth of educational materials, pond and waterfall displays and free educational seminars at their retail store for those of you hungry for more pond information.

Each year Hurth Waterscapes is called upon to fix, revamp or rebuild many water features that were not installed correctly or that were installed without all of the components necessary for a naturally balanced ecosystem.  Many people are living with pond problems and water garden headaches that simply are not necessary.  If you are considering installing your own water garden, a little research before you start will go a long way toward a long and happy relationship between you and your pond.  If you are hiring someone to install a pond for you, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for customer testimonials and to look at previously completed pond projects.

When it is all said and done, the benefits of having your own naturally beautiful personal paradise in your yard far outweigh any of the costs.  The beauty that it will bring into your life as the new centerpiece of your yard pales only in comparison to the relaxing effects that it will have on you and your loved ones as you let yourselves be immersed in the soothing sights and sound of your very own water garden.

We are a full service landscape construction company specializing in water garden construction.  We are a member of the nationally recognized Certified Aquascape Contractors and we hold ourselves to the highest quality and artistic standards possible.  We always strive for complete customer satisfaction.  We are in this business to stay.  “Ponds are our Passion”, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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