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Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

Alright now; have you put your floating water hyacinth into pond? Have you given your pond a few heavy doses of bacteria? Are your lily pads leisurely sunning themselves on the surface of your pond? Are the plants around your pond beginning to look large, lush, aromatic, and colorful? Have you started feeding your fish?
If your answers to these questions are, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes,” then odds are pretty good that spring has finally run its course, summer has arrived, and June is officially bustin’ out all over.

Other Good Indicators Include…
Other good indicators of this annual phenomenon might include the fact that the neighborhood now smells like barbecued burgers whenever you and Fido go for your nightly walk. When you go for that walk, or you relax out by the pond, you no longer have to wear a sweater or a jacket over your t-shirt. You’ve taken the picnic table and lawn chairs out of storage, washed them off, and set them up on the patio. The leaves in the surrounding trees have grown so thick that they now yield a plethora of new shade in the afternoon. And the most decisive factor will be when you flipped your calendar over, and the next page read “JUNE.”

Tis the Season to Be…
June kicks off summer vacation for kids who are still in school. But for real live pond enthusiasts, June marks THE OFFICIAL KICK OFF OF WATER GARDENING SEASON. Tis now the season for ponderers to be outside with family and friends; the season to be astounded at the clarity of the water in your pond; the season for friends to stop in unexpectedly for impromptu conversations alongside the relaxing sights and sounds of your pond. Yes, since you installed that pond in your backyard several years ago, social occasions inevitably lead you out to the pond, don’t they?

Not to Detract From May, April, And March, But…
Now let’s make sure to point out that we’re not knocking March, April or May. They all play a role in the annual pondering experience, but they play a stage-setting role, a lead up role. It’s no secret when I say that there’s a special kind of richness about the summer season. Even in this high-tech age, days are still longer and warmer, nights are still shorter and warmer, and life in general is still a little more humane and relaxing when summer arrives. Life around your backyard pond is no exception to this relaxation rule.

The Two Key Elements For Successful Summer Pondering Include…
So, if you see June bustin’ out all over, you can presume that June has arrived, and that the time has come for you to start making the most of the aquatic paradise beautifying your yard. The two key elements to making the most of this time of year include RELAXATION AND ENJOYMENT. Concentrate on these two things all summer long and you’ll be doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing this time of the year. And by the way, it’s best if you start RIGHT NOW!

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