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Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

April – Creativity Abounds

Hello, April is finally here. January, February, March, and Winter are all in the rear view mirror and you can look forward to April showers to grow those May flowers. You can also count on longer days, shorter nights, higher temperatures, budding trees, sprouting plants, fish coming out of hibernation, and summer being on the immediate horizon. Welcome to April.From our past experiences, it seems that April is the most creative time of the year for most pond owners.  At least the most creative with regards to their pond and landscape.  All of the excitement of spring and taking that first walk through the yard of the year must combine to inspire a lot of creativity.  So, just in case you are feeling a little creative and thinking about making some changes, you can rest easy knowing that you are not alone.  Even we, as landscape professionals, envision changes in our yards when spring finally breaks and all of that snow disappears.

Maybe bigger would be better?  We often get spring time calls from our pond owners wondering if it might be time to increase the size of their pond.  Usually there is discussion about the fish or plants outgrowing the current pond, or that they never imagined they would like it so much and wished they had made it bigger from the very start.  Or, maybe they went on our Parade of Ponds last summer and now that they’ve seen all those fabulous larger ponds, they realize that they could have gone much larger with their pond which would make it more in scale with their property.  Whatever the reason, this problem can be solved by excavating, replacing the liner and adding more rock.  Or, if the yard will allow, we could simply create a second pond that attaches to the original pond with a stream or waterfall.

Maybe they don’t need a bigger pond, maybe more stream or waterfall would be better?  Many people call and discuss the possibility of either increasing the number of streams or waterfalls or increasing the amount of flow that is in their existing stream.  Both of these are relatively easy fixes.  It is usually not too hard to add another stream or waterfall to a pond or to extend the existing one.  If all that they want is more water flow, that’s usually as simple as a bigger pump or a second pump.

Maybe they love their pond and would simply like to add a water feature to the front yard.  Sometimes the backyard is perfect, just the way they want it, but the front yard is a bit drab and boring.  Sometimes a beautiful pond and waterfall would be just the thing to dress up the front yard.  Or maybe the simplicity and beauty of a pondless waterfall.  Heck, from the street most people just see the waterfall anyway.  Wouldn’t a sparkling, shimmering waterfall brighten up the front yard and welcome your guests to your home in spectacular fashion?

So, if you find yourself overwhelmed with creativity this spring, never fear, we are always here to help.  Just let those creative dreams flow, walk the yard, take a few notes and give us a call.  We’d be happy to join you on your stroll around the yard.

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