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Summertime Blues

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the summer months fly by every year?  I can’t believe that it is mid August already.  It always seems like you shovel your way through December, January, and February. You March your way through April showers and May flowers. Then you blink twice and suddenly it’s August. How is this possible?

Summer has always seemed short hasn’t it?  Even when you were in grade school it seemed to be way too short.  You would spend nine months out of the year cooped up in a classroom, three months of pure summertime bliss and then before you know it, right back into the classroom.  I feel for my kids, they only have about a week of summer vacation left.  It seems like every year time flies by more quickly.  I guess I’m just getting old.

I think that we all need to slow down, look around and smell the roses every now and then.  This is one reason why I love having a water garden in my backyard.  The pond gives me more reason to spend the summer out in my yard enjoying quality time with my family and friends.  For me, my pond highlights and underlines those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. The times that are spent out near the pond seem to always be high on my list of great summertime memories.

I guess that anything you really enjoy tends to pass too quickly, and anything you dislike tends to drag on for an eternity. But now, after all the planting, the blooming, the fish feeding, the barbecues on the grill, the romantic evening parties around a moonlit pond, and soothing cups of coffee in the morning, summer has been reduced to August, September and maybe some chilly October pond side visits.  That being the case, it’s important that you make the most of the time you have left in the season.  With a little creative thinking, there’s no reason why you can’t maximize your remaining time with your pond and finish off this season with a bang. In the spirit of making the most of the remaining days of summer, here are a few water gardening ideas that you may want to throw onto your late summer / fall calendar.

  • Enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee pond side with your newspaper every day.
  • Plan a party for late in the year and invite every single one of your friends.
  • Have a bonfire alongside the pond and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows
  • Find a friend to trade some aquatic plants with
  • Get a turtle or some frogs for you pond, and hope they hang around
  • Start feeding your fish a little bit more going into fall. – They need the extra nutrition in order to successfully hibernate through the winter.
  • Experiment with some new fish treats like watermelon or grapefruit. You won’t believe their excitement.
  • Have a pond side Halloween party and dress up like you favorite Koi.

Whatever you decide to do with the remaining days of summer, have fun and relax.  You only live once so make the most of your time by spending it with family and friends.

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