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What to Buy Your Koi at Christmas

It’s December and even in the naturalistic, outdoor-loving mindset of pond enthusiasts around the country, that means lights, decorations, excitement, and to the kid still lingering in all of us, it means presents. So my question this month is, “What are you going to buy your koi for Christmas?” I mean, you don’t exclude your dog, your cat, or your hamster (how do you think PetSmart survives?) from the Christmas giving celebration, do you? I know we don’t exclude ours. So why would any red-blooded, animal-loving, pond enthusiast exclude their koi? Here are a few ideas for you.

How About a Pond Heater?
How about a brand new pond warmer/heater to complement the surface agitator that you have bubbling away in your pond? I mean it’s not quite the same as a new sweater, but it will help keep a bigger hole in the ice throughout the winter, which translates into more oxygen for your hibernating fin flickers parked at the bottom of the pond for the duration of the winter.

Red and Green Underwater Lights
Or how about changing the standard white, underwater light bulbs to red and green bulbs? That would be festive, you must admit. How about decorating the foliage surrounding the pond with colorful Christmas lights so that all your koi feel like they’re part of the Christmas spirit? You could even buy them some new fish food so long as you promise to avoid feeding them in the spring until the temperature has warmed up (at least 55 degrees).

A Bigger Pond
I have some friends who are taking the Christmas koi thing to a whole new level by planning a new and bigger home for their fish in the spring. They speculate that their fish have outgrown their current quarters, and would appreciate a little more room. So they’re laying the groundwork out on paper this winter, planning to double their standard 11’x16’ pond, and adding a brand new fish cave, which will allow their colorful friends to avoid harms way, in case a great blue heron comes a trolling or rocky the raccoon comes a swipin’.

Longer Stream, Another Waterfall
Yes, I’m talking about building an entirely new pond, with a longer stream. They’re considering an additional waterfall as well – that would make two falls and twice the fun and relaxation … right? And for the fish, it would mean lots more room to dart around, more plants to munch on, more oxygen to breathe … just a little more of everything for your favorite koi.
And isn’t more of everything what it’s really all about any more? And if not, maybe you’d prefer to appreciate all the things that Mother Nature does with your pond this winter from inside the house, by the cozy fire. In the end, that could be construed as a little more relaxation, a little more fun, a little more Christmas, right this very moment. Until next month all I can say is … Merry Christmas, and to all a good night.

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