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Pretty New Pond

New Pondless Waterfall

Double Waterfall on a Big Hill

Double Pond and Waterfall

A Pretty Pond With a Bridge

Fresh spring clean out

Brand new pond, waterfall, bridge, slab stone patio and steps

A gentle forest stream

A Fresh Clean Pond

Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

Water, Water Everywhere

Water in our landscape can enhance our lives in many great ways.

I am thoroughly convinced that we, as human beings, have an innate desire to be near water. Perhaps it’s the fact that 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water. We can go for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Or maybe it’s the fact that 70 percent of the planet we inhabit is covered with water? Whatever the reason, people are definitely drawn to water.

What We Do for Water

Waterfront property is always priced at a premium. We pay to view and be near waterfalls, such as the great Niagara Falls. We hike long distances to view secluded waterfalls.  We stand in crowds in Yellowstone National park to see Old Faithful shoot water into the air.  And we invest in hydrotherapy, whirlpool bathtubs, hot tubs, and swimming pools just so that we can fully immerse ourselves in the life-giving liquid.

Life Changing Water

Humans have used water as a source of nourishment, transportation, navigation, and sport long before we started keeping written records. Maybe it’s because water is such an integral part of our lives, or maybe it’s simply because water is so mesmerizing and beautifully soothing as it flows and cascades over a waterfall and into a pond. Whatever the reason, there aren’t many people who can resist the draw of twisting, turning and falling water.

The Aquatic Transformation

Water gardening adds life, beauty, and nature to people’s lives, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that the installation of a water garden – large or small – will have a greater impact on a yard than any other landscape improvement money can buy. With a water garden, what were previously boring and normal yards are transformed into life-filled, eco-friendly, exciting, stimulating, and awe-inspiring gathering places. Places where the family looks forward to hanging out and enjoying life at the pond, together. I know this is true for my family and I – water gardening has had a huge impact on our lives, and has very much changed our yard and how we use it.

So if you want to:

  • Enhance the way you and your family spend time together…
  • Spend quality time with your family…
  • Add beauty and nature to your outdoor living space…
  • Transform your yard to waterfront property…

… it sounds like a pond is just what you need! The sights and sounds of a water garden really can change a person’s entire outlook on life.

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