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Hurth Waterscapes Spring Pond Clean Out

May Flowers

May is the month to regroup, take a good look around and add a splash of color to our yards.  Usually, for homeowners, by this time of the year most of the labor intensive spring clean up work is done and the only thing left to do is to sprinkle a little color around.  Annual flowers and tropical pond plants are great for brightening and adding interest to our landscapes for the summer.  I wouldn’t jump into May too early with these sensitive plants, but usually near the end of May, when all of the frost has past us and before the greenhouses are sold out is the perfect time.

We’ve had the month of April to whip our yards and ponds back into shape and repair any winter damage that may have occurred.  Now it is time to put the icing on the cake.  This is a great time to walk the yard and decide where we need a splash of color.  Planting warm weather plants such as annual flowers in our beds and tropical plants in our ponds allows us to add colors and textures to our yards that the hardy Wisconsin plants just can’t deliver.  We get to look like we’re not living in zone five, if only for a short while.

Stand back and take a good look at your yard.  Where does it look like it is missing something?  Take note of any bed and planting areas that look particularly bare or lacking in color.  Take a look at your pond; are there spots where you could plant a tropical water-lily for the summer or maybe some tropical marginal aquatic plants?  How about your front entrance, could you use some planters or pots near the front door?  Maybe your patio could be dressed up a bit by using potted plants also.

Once you decide where you would like these extra touches it is time to get a plant count.  If you are knowledgeable about plants and already know what you want, just make a list and you are ready to go shopping.  If you don’t know what you want, get a rough estimate of how many plants you will need for each location and be sure to note the sun exposure for these locations as well.  Armed with this information it will be easy for your favorite greenhouse to help guide you to some beautiful choices.  Always feel free to stop in at the Hurth Waterscapes retail store to check out the new aquatic plants that we have in stock.  We would be happy to suggest some tropical color for your pond.

Before you actually purchase the plants that you need for your splash of color, it is a good idea to prepare your yard.  It is usually better to complete any planting bed preparations and soil conditioning prior to purchasing the plant material.  Often these preparations take longer than expected and you don’t want to watch your new flowers wilt in the hot sun while you prepare the beds.  You’ll also want to have plenty of water handy and water the flowers as you plant them to ensure their survival and vigorous growth.

If all of this seems too overwhelming, or if you decide you need a bit more than just a splash of color, we would be happy to help plan out your beds and pond with you.  Just give us a call at 262-268-1121 we’re here to help.

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