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Water garden gift suggestions

There’s no need to make a naughty-versus-nice holiday list when it comes to water garden enthusiasts. Those who are drawn to water features seem to have inherited naturally nice DNA!

For those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge into the world of water gardening, following is my top-ten list of items to make any and every water garden enthusiast rejoice.

Some of these suggestions are easy little stocking stuffers, while others are a bit more extravagant. You may even want to highlight one of the smaller items as part of a larger package’s decoration by securing it to the main present’s bow.

I’m A Pond Guy, not Martha Stewart, so let’s get back to my specialty:

10.  Low-temperature winter fish foods. We live in Wisconsin, where, if the water temperature is above 55 degrees, we can feed our fish. Budget: Around $20.

9.  Pond thermometer. We need to stop feeding the fish when the water temperature drops below 55 degrees. Budget: Around $20.

8.  Scarecrow motion-sensor device. Keep four and two-legged predators away from your prized fish. Budget: Under $100.

7.  Subscription to a pond industry magazine. So that they can keep current. Budget $20 – $30

6.  Books on fish and water gardening. Budget: Under $50.

5.  Statues, Benches, Pond Decor. I love my steel cattails and heron. Budget: $50 – $400

4.  New Landscape Plantings. How about a gift certificate for spring landscape work. Budget: your call

3.  Fish. Everyone loves to get a new fish for their pond.  This is another great gift certificate idea.  Budget: $10 – $200

2.  Aquatic Plants. A good opportunity for a gift certificate. Every pond lover would enjoy a new tropical plant in spring. Budget: $20 – $100.

1.  Spring Pond Clean Out Certificate.  They’ll be ready for spring and first on the list if you sign them up this early for their clean out. Budget: $250 – $1000

Well. There you go.  If one of your loved ones has a pond, you should be all set.  They will be grinning ear to ear when they see what a thoughtful gift you found for them.  You had better hurry; the holidays will be here before you know it.  We’re always here to help if you need us.  Call 262-268-1121.

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